A word at the start of the year..

It never ceases to amaze me that every year we spend lots of time planning and running around to make the festive season special for ourselves, family and friends and then before you know it we are virtually in the middle of January and its raining again!

For me being the Axis Group Finance Director as well as the Axis Cleaning COO, the turn into the new calendar year always brings new challenges as not only is the financial year end on the 31st March now rapidly approaching, but also the budget setting time. Budget setting is the financial equivalent of thinking about new year resolutions, in that you think what has gone well in the year, what didn’t go as expected and what you want to do differently.

Thinking about our Cleaning business in particular, 2020 is going to be all about growth. This came about as excitingly we were looking a few weeks ago to find a new Commercial Manager to help support our new Midlands sector and didn’t find just one but two fantastic people! I really love the type of agile business Axis has become, as rather than miss out on a great person joining the team, we changed the plan and structure so that both can join us in February. More about that soon!

In addition, I’m keen to keep growing our mobile teams across the country. These team members are so important, not only to help customers with any additional works they require, but also to be an extra resource that can be brought in when needed on any contract, anywhere, at any time. Our latest mobile started just before Christmas in the South and is already making a difference and we are looking for our next one in the North!

We also want to really up our game in the area of on-site training for our operatives this year, so that we can ensure that our customers are getting the best service they possibly can. So plenty to keep us all occupied!