Axis Cleaning Supervisor is an inspiration to high school student

Axis Cleaning & Support Services provides cleaning services in partnership with Solutions SK at Bramhall High.

As part of a year 9 project, students were asked to create a plan for a statue of the most inspiring person they know, this could be anyone famous or even someone they have never met. One particular student, Joel, created a plan which depicted Axis' Cleaning Supervisor, Graham Kiernan. Within the plan, he explains the reason for his choice: "I think this person deserves a statue because he's a hard working guy and really kind and is always a nice person." When describing the material in which he would make the statue, Joel writes "This statue is made of recycled cleaning buckets and other cleaning products because he's a legendary cleaner." Graham has been a cleaning supervisor at Bramhall High for the last 3 years and was delighted and flattered to be seen as an inspiration by one of its students.