Back to Work Deep Cleaning Services

A 'Back-to-Work' campaign from UK soft services provider Axis Cleaning and Support Services will implement safe working practices in client premises as Covid-19 restrictions ease.

The company says a dedicated "Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Service" is a central feature of the campaign, involving a thorough clean which is designed to help clients give their employees and customers robust reassurances that every measure has been taken to remove any potential traces of the new coronavirus from their premises.

The first step in the Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Service is to clean all areas, with special attention to any contact points such as light switches, door handles, push plates, banisters, lift buttons, public seating and washrooms using a powerful anti-germ steriliser. Cleaners also wear disposal clothes to ensure their safety and prevent cross contamination.

The next stage involves spraying all areas using a post cleaning, electro-static spray sanitiser machine, to disperse the chemical and eliminate any further bacteria. Axis was one of the few companies to invest in the equipment in February, and now operates machines at five of its centres.

COO, Simon Giles, says: "A one-size-fits-all approach certainly does not apply, rather we are delivering bespoke cleaning services to suit individual workspaces and client’s schedules.

"The initial clean is just the first step in what will be a revised or enhanced cleaning schedule.

"We are therefore continuously refining our operational methods to give the best, safe, service that we can for the benefit of all, including our own back of house support colleagues."

Source: FM Industry Magazine.

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