Cleaning reassurance

Simon Giles, COO of Axis Cleaning and Support Services, discusses its 'Back to Work' campaign to support customers safely returning to work and keeping staff safe.

The easing of restrictions and the Government's announcement that people should return to work, if they are unable to work from home and where it is safe to do so, brings with it many uncertainties and questions around how to safely bring workforces back.

This will be a challenging period for many businesses and a one-size-fits-all approach simply will not apply: rather, we are working closely with clients and their landlords to understand how our commercial cleaning services can help to mitigate risks al their sites - for their premises' occupants and employees, as well as our own employees.

Central to the 'Back to Work' campaign is our COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Service, which was devised several months ago when we first became aware of the virus. We quickly realised that our clients needed to give their employees and customers robust reassurance that every measure has been taken to remove any potential traces of the virus from their premises.

The first step in the COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Service to clean all areas, with special attention to any contact is points such as light switches, door handles, push plates, banisters, lift buttons, public seating and washrooms. We use a product called Selgiene Extreme, more generally used in catering environments, which has been independently proven to eliminate Noroviruses, such as COVID-19, as well as E-Coli, Swine Flu, HIV, Hepatitis, MRSA and many other contagious diseases. Cleaners also wear disposable clothes to ensure their safety and prevent cross contamination.

The Selgiene Extreme product was chosen because despite its toxic, powerful anti-germ and properties use it on is also common bleach free, non-tainting safe to all water-washable surfaces, therefore also protecting the aesthetics of our customers' premises.

The next stage is to spray all areas using a Clorox machine, a post-cleaning, electrostatic spray sanitiser, to disperse the chemical and eliminate any further bacteria. Axis was one of the few companies to invest in the equipment back in February when we first saw the potential of this equipment. We now have machines at five of Axis Cleaning's UK operation centres and are finding that demand is high and increasing.

The machines spray at every angle, ensuring a 360-degree coverage on all interiors. It's capable of spraying entire rooms in under a minute, providing us with an efficient, practical and highly effective way of sanitising entire premises. For added re-assurance, we are able to use ultraviolet lights to check that the spray has fully coated all areas.

The initial clean is the first step in what will be a revised or enhanced cleaning schedule. We will continue to work with our clients to maintain the clean environment and control infection, creating a bespoke service lo suit specific sites and client's schedules.

Our priority, along with our customers, remains our employees. Not only their safety, but also ensuring their refining working our environment operational is safe. methods We to are give therefore the best, safe, continuously service that we can for the benefit of all. including our own back of house support colleagues.

Also published in Tomorrow's Cleaning.

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