Flushed with success

Axis Cleaning and Support Services, the nationwide supplier of commercial cleaning services, has once again triumphed in the 28th annual Loo of the Year awards, dubbed the ‘Toilet Oscars’.

The awards for the very best washrooms in the UK, judged on consistent cleanliness, saw two Axis-serviced washroom facilities receive the highest commendation – platinum.

For the Clacton Factory Outlet centre, this was the fourth year running that it has been awarded the top accolade, while Victoria Shopping Centre in Southend scooped platinum recognition for the first time.

Ray Robertson, Sector Director, says Axis-cleaned washroom facilities consistently succeed at these awards: “It’s a great testament to us and the hard work of our employees up and down the country,” he/she explains “It goes to show that Axis invests real time in training employees to deliver the quality that clients and their customers expect.”

For customers in retail outlets, such as the Clacton Factory Outlet centre and Victoria Shopping Centre, a positive toilet experience helps to enhance the overall experience, supporting the shopping centre’s reputation.

This is why it’s so important to invest in good cleaning services, Ray continues: “We are committed to best practice, ensuring everyone that uses toilets serviced by Axis are met with a clean environment,” he says. “There is nothing worse than unkempt loos.

“Our clients are all very happy with the service we provide, and can proudly display their accolades so customers know that pride is placed in their facilities,” Ray concludes.